Les questions simples

This unique practice tool fully familiarizes you with the very first part of the Oral Language Assessment (OLA) without a teacher necessarily being present.  Fully mastering the questions that open the test will enable you to start the OLA with confidence and polish, putting you at ease and giving you the opportunity to make an excellent first impression on your examiner.

Each practice test exercise will take you THREE times through a large number of possible opening questions.  The three sections in each exercise are designed to help you master different facets of your oral French as you progress through the exercise:

Section 1
- Listen to and transcribe the questions (Oral Comprehension) and then formulate an initial response (Written and Oral Expression)

Section 2 - Use the transcript to verify your understanding of each question and improve the accuracy of your initial response (Reading Comprehension, Oral Expression & grammar)

Section 3 - Refine your responses using the examples of suitable responses offered in this last section of the exercise (Oral Expression)

Designed for candidates preparing for the OLA at both level B and level C, you will find this self-learning tool invaluable as you combine listening, reading, writing and speaking aloud to master the “simple” questions that start off the oral test.