Pratique des quatre parties

These unique, practice test exercises are a tried and tested tool to develop both your comprehension of the audio clips you will hear during Test of Oral Proficiency (TOP) and your spoken French. Each exercise progressively familiarizes you with the entire previous format of the oral test without a teacher necessarily being present.

Each practice test exercise will take you THREE times through all four parts of the TOP.  The three sections in each exercise are designed to help you master different facets of your oral French as you progress through the exercise:

Section 1 - Fully understand and transcribe the questions to which you are listening (Oral Comprehension)

Section 2 - Develop and write down your responses to the questions (Oral Expression & Grammar)

Section 3 - Refine your answers using example responses offered by the simulation (Oral Expression)

It is important that after each question you always speak aloud that which you have just written. Repeating it several times will improve your delivery and fluency. Whenever possible, please record your voice for analysis and coaching when you are with a teacher.

The combination of listening, writing and speaking aloud using the themes and structure of the TOP will improve your communication strategies, your sentence structures and your work-related vocabulary.

Designed to be just a little more challenging and more complex than the official TOP, these practice test simulations have proven invaluable for both B and C level candidates preparing for their oral test - either with the help of a teacher, or while working on their own.